Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gold and burgandy

Items used

  • MAC Expensive Pink
  • MAC Coral e/s in crease
  • MAC Hepcat in crease (turns out I am possibly allergic to this e/s *sulks)
  • MAC Shadowy Lady to darken outer V


  1. Gorgeous look! WOW! how are you allergic to hepcat? lol

  2. Thanks Z! Within mins of using Hepcat my eyes become red and start itching. Hepcat is one of my fav. colors, I hope I can find a dupe that I am not allergic to!

  3. OMG, I am Totally Flat on these eyes, Makeup is amazing,

  4. Beautiful look! That sucks you're allergic to Hepcat..Are you sure it's just the e/s and maybe not something you're using underneath (eye cream?)

  5. Thanks AirBrush-makeup!

    Thanks Rani. I am almost certain it's Hepcat. I should probably apply it just by itself to confirm - but I am too scared to :(

  6. I have the same reaction to my Nocturnelle!! I thought I was going crazy. But every time I use it, my crease starts itching and then puffs up.

    I ended up giving it to my sister and she has no problems with it.:(

  7. Nitu:

    I think it has to do with some pigment that they use for that color. I seem to have the same problem even with other brands in the same color family.