Saturday, November 14, 2009

MAC Look: Jingle Jangle

My attempt to create this MAC Look:

My rendition:

Items used:
  • Base: Urban Decay Go Army cream eyeshadow
  • Lid: NYX Mermaid Green and Kiwi single eyeshadows
  • Inner V: MAC Violet pigment
  • Outer V and crease: Coppery Brown from Loreal HIP Playful Duo


  1. So pretty. The color combo looks great on you.

  2. wat a lovely look, ima defo try this one sn

  3. Thats a lovely look!! I was wondering whether you are interested in any of the MAC holiday pigment sets? I am pretty much the same skintone as you are and have my heart set on cool capers and sexy smokey piggies :)

  4. That's absolutely beautiful - I would never have thought of green and brown together like that - think I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks :) x

  5. Love it - and you have the best eyebrows!