Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soft peachy gold look

Hi All

Here is a soft peachy gold look created using the CAT Cosmetics Hello Gorgeous palette.

A very soft look for the day time...Did you like it?


  1. LOVE it.

    I wish I had the patience and talent that you do!

  2. cookie

    where are you?!

  3. HEY
    was wondering what eyeliner do you use for top lid and bottem lid is it liquid or pencil..i like it...its very sharp=)

  4. I love love your eye looks. completely delighted o discover your blog. DO you have an eyeliner that lasts long on the waterline? I see that you posted about your blushes. I am obsessed with blushes as well. Could you actually write a little more about your favorites. I couldnt really tell what they were from the picture. thanks!!

  5. Hiya all,

    Sorry I have been away on vacation...
    now I am back with more EOTDs:)

  6. Hi lynn,

    Thanks so much! I love using Bobbi Brown's Black Ink gel liner or Loreal HIP Black cream liner on my waterline.

    I am composing a list of my fav. blushes..I will be listing those soon..

    take care!