Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My paintings:)

Hi All,

I recently decided to dabble with acrylic painting. Here are the paintings that I have made so far..how did I do?



  1. These paintings are BEAUTIFUL! I am so impressed. Simply AMAZING!

    I also have great passion for visual arts like painting too. I LOVE ART! I have some paintings too actually...some are lost though :( Many are from my senior year in high school.

  2. Thanks so much Z! Coming from you it means so much to me:):)

    I would love to see some of your paintings (that is if you feel comfortable sharing them)...and its too bad you lost some!

  3. oh my god!! u got some serious skills there! i love them all! especially the first one.they are freakin amazing.
    i cannot even draw a single flower properly lol!

  4. Hi Priya.

    Thanks so much!! I am sure will be great at painting..I suck at detail work..but making abstracts is not too hard :)


  5. omg! i dont believe it! though its only natural. applying makeup is also an art after all! my favourite is the spindly tree with blossoms in front of the sun.