Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bronzy Warm Arabic Look

I found this beautiful inspiration picture on I tried my best to recreate it. How did I do?

My attempt:

Please do click on the image to see the full size..the colors are really pretty and vivid!

Items used:
  • NYX black bean jumbo pencil as base
  • MAC Bronze e/s packed over it
  • MAC Carbon in crease and outer V
  • MAC Brown Script to soften the crease
  • MAC Brown Script and Rule to raise the outer edge up till the eyebrow
  • MAC Rice Paper and Vanilla to highlight
  • LOTS of kohl and smudge the waterline with MAC Carbon and NYX Black (Btw on me NYX black is much darker than MAC Carbon)


  1. i LOVE it! i think its one of your best so far. you dont really know where the next inspiration comes from!

  2. Thats is amazing, the colours are so pretty :)

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous!!

  4. Gorgeous, but did you mean NYX black or NYC black ???

  5. I love this look and you totally nailed it! looks likt the pic!