Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smokey purples: fail :(:(

Hi All,

I tried a smokey purple look, but I dont like it too much. I am posting it anyway....

I do love the new highlighter that I got for my cheeks - and its SUPER cheap!! Wet n Wild's Acapulco Glow!! See how glowy my cheeks look!!

Here are the smokey purple eyes..

Items used:
MAC Satellite Dream, Beutiful Iris, Contract, Graphology and Carbon.


  1. I don't think this was a failed look! I actually loove it. It's very wearable but dramatic makeup and great for my brown eyes!

  2. it looks gorgeous, not failed at all!! i think u shud just have finished it off with a bit of liner and mascara and thats it! the colors and shape are sah-weet! ;)

  3. please change the title... it's beautiful!!!!

  4. I check your blog all the time, just never left a comment before but i LOVE all the looks you do. I'm indian too, and sometimes its hard to find eye looks that go with our skintone and dark eyes. I think the this looks great.-.not failed at all!

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments:) I guess it's was not a fail after all...


  6. Fail my arse! It's gorgeous! Gna hunt down that Wet n Wild highlighter too.

  7. this smokey purple shadow look is really beautiful, and doesn't look too overdone.
    I'm indian too, and my skin tone is between NC35 and NC40. I LOVE that purple you used on your lower lid. Is it satellite dreams? I want to get a iridescent purple shadow that won't show up too white and powdery on my skin. What you suggest?