Sunday, May 17, 2009

Collection: NARS blushes (I love these to pieces)

My. favs - now I can totally not pick a fav since I LOVE THEM ALL!! But the ones I tend to use reach out most frequently for are: Torrid, Sin and Dolce Vita.

I need to start using more of them..

I swapped away: Penny (tooooooo light), Exhibit A (way too pigmented, needed too much work to look decent), Turkish Red and Montenegro (difficult to blend - both are cream blush, and I had similar colors)

I am getting Orgasm, Laguna, Desire and Albatross soon!

What are you favs?


  1. Goodness I am so jealous! I would love to have ALL of those blushes. :)

  2. Gorgeous collection! I'm jealous! :P

  3. Orgasm is a fantastic color on almost all complexions. Doesn't take much effort to look good....particularly good for those new to wearing blush.

  4. I love Nars blushes too. I think I'll do a future blog post on them.

    I need to try the famous Orgasm though.