Friday, August 28, 2009

E.L.F Haul, Part 2

Finally here are the closeups of the ELF Studio brushes. They retail for $3 each!!

Top to bottom: concealer brush, angled foundation brush, eyeshadow 'C' brush

Closeups of the brush heads: (left to right) eyeshadow 'C' brush, angled foundation brush, concealer brush

Top to bottom: Contour Brush, Small Smudge Brush, Small Angled Brush, Small Precision Brush

closeups of the brush heads: (left to right) Small Precision Brush, Small Smudge Brush, Small Angled Brush, Contour Brush

Comparing: Small Smudge Brush (left) vs. Small Precision Brush (right)

Top to bottom: Powder, blush, complexion

closeups of complexion, blush and powder brushes


  1. oh thank you :) this is just what i needed. we finally have studio brushes available in Europe :)

  2. really good. those brushes seem to be of excellent quality. but arent some of the brushes too tiny?

  3. Jillian - they are surprising awesome! I am regretting not ordering a few more sets to give out as gifts:)

    Rima - Yes 3 are eye brushes. I bought them to do detail work, so they are tiny.

  4. Wow, that's great! I'll wait for a good sale then I'm definitely picking these up. (I must be the cheapest person alive, haha!)

  5. It's great to see up close pictures of these brushes. I regretted not picking up more as well :-)