Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slightly shimmery brown smokey eyes

Items used
  • Base of the lid: Laura Mercier Burnished Copper (cream eyeshadow - or use any taupy bronzey color like MAC Twinks eyeshadow). If you are using a powder eyeshadow, foil it.
  • Outer V and crease: Laura Mercier Chocolate Garnet (powder matte eyeshadow - or use any rich chocolate brown color like MAC Espresso or Milani Chocolate)
  • Liner upper lids and waterline with Urban Decay Zero eyepencil (or any black smudgey kohl liner, like MAC Smolder)
  • Smudge the upper liner and below waterline with MAC Carbon or any matte black eyeshadow.
  • Loads and loads of mascara - I used Dior Show Iconic. I am totally toving this by the way, can you tell how lonnnnnnng my lashes look!!
  • Always remember to curl and comb the lashes out.


  1. Hi

    Love the blog.. I need your help. I mainly use Mac eyeshadows. but I now after a pallette which has colours in dark pigments and the I do not want a large quantity of product because i usually get sick for the colour. I am not to concerned about the price but I am after a pallatte which should definetly have blue, green and gold in it.. Any recommendations? I am not from USA, will need products which I can find in my part of the world..Thanks..

  2. Hi nzgirl

    I would recommend creating your own palette with MAC refill pans (the Pro Palette Refill Pans can be now bought from the MAC website).

    I have a bunch of ready-made palettes and I dont use them as often as I use my custom built MAC one.

    The colors that I recommend are:
    Blue - deep truth, freshwater

    Green - Humid, Steamy, Swimming, Sumptuous Olive

    Gold - Goldmine, Ricepaper

    You can buy a 15 slot empty Pro palette from MAC ( and fill it with the above refills.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you very much. I might do what you have suggested. another question if you dont mind. When i use the MAC Carbon eyeshadow as eyeliner on my lower lid, after a while i can see bits of black powder below my lower lid onto my cheeks.. Would you know why that is? I mix water with it before i apply with angle brush - maybe this couls be the reason?

  4. nzgirl - that could possibly be the reason. I usually use Carbon to set my kajal below the waterline

  5. Thanks for all your help.. Keep up the good work..

  6. Your eyes are really beautiful! :)

  7. Love your blog and your hard work.

  8. ahh! i totally plan on getting diorshow iconic after i finish up with my blackout this time :) & your lashes look fab so gets me even more excited..
    have ya tried out blackout before? what are your thoughts comparin the two?